Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Gallery News!

Discover our NEW Autumn collection and enjoy a

glass of champagne with us

At: 28, rue Alfred de Musset, Limpertsberg

On Tuesday 5th October 2010 open from 4pm to 9pm


On Friday 15th October 2010 open from 4pm to 9pm

The Art of Good Taste gives creative people the opportunity to exhibit the fruits of their labours in a central location. We offer oil paintings, watercolours, glass sculptures, ceramics, jewellery, personal accessories, greeting cards and many other gift ideas. This is a unique opportunity in Luxembourg to acquire distinctive handmade treasures for you, your family, friends, employees and clients.

Acquire something original and support the artists:

Janice Allgrove, Pierre Bayonnove, Indira Mehic, Carlo Arend, Jeni Fitch, Angela Milne, Jane Barclay, Matthew Kahn, Colette Roderes, Timmy Bartocci, Billie Jean Little, Diana Shippey, Mea Bateman, Francoise May, Sam Shippey

Featured Artist - Matthew Kahn

Blue Pansies 2

I was raised near New York, the child and grandchild of artists. Naturally, I rebelled against this and fled to Silicon Valley in the San Francisco area where I joined the Information Technology evolution. I helped bring the first desktops to the masses, created computer prototypes for the next generation of Windows-based machines and always built-in functionalities to use this new thing to achieve the ancient goal of all artists:
Create something new to understand the world and our place in it

Landscape Beach

Nonetheless, I became disenchanted with that objectified method of impacting people and chose to participate in a more human-centric one – improving people’s lives by teaching them. I became a teacher of English as a foreign language and moved to Japan. In the Orient, I learned to dream outside the machine using delicate inks and rice paper in ways never done in the East to create the dreamscapes which show us a vision.
Picasso: “Art is the lie which shows us the truth”

Ridged Sunset

From there I came to Europe, a Continent just reaching out to itself and healing the scars left by the arbitrary imposition of the Iron Curtain. This reclamation and re-building of our mutual patrimony inspired the artistic movement of Renovationism – claiming building materials as art supplies to depict our new reality free from both brutal authoritarianism on one hand and suffocating consumerism on the other. This shows the way out of a joined cultural life otherwise trapped between two overlapping and soul-destroying commandments.
Josef Stalin: “Everything not compulsory is forbidden”
- and-
John P. Morgan: “Everything not forbidden is compulsory”

Overlook Bay

My art, like me, is rooted in broad perspectives, local expression and human nature. East and West are shown by styles each combining elements from both in new ways within the context of the common human point of view. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much I enjoyed creating them. Just remember:
Contagious consciousness is the essence of communication